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Gary Cordice - Born to be a Soilder

from poland with love

Jerzy F Przybylski - From Poland with Love

the armour of the lord

Chuck Longmayne - The Armour of the Lord


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Wild Horses  Byron J  BryceSamantha Link - Love Alone


SJM is an Christian indie record label. 

Sheer Joy Music is the music arm of Voice Ministries, where the talents and gifts of composer, lyricist and singer are brought together in songs that praise the Living God. They are songs that help to feed the soul of the listener. Please feel free to browse our site, where you will find a wide range of hymns, worship songs and sheet music in English & Welsh. You can buy or download CD Tracks from iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon, or purchase sheet music for a small cost. The CD's are available to buy from our music store.